My ethos is…I don’t believe in normal.

Our Ethos

  • LISTEN: When we initiate a new project, we’ll listen to what you want and ensure you understand everything.
  • QUALITY: We don’t go for speed when completing the project, we aim for total quality of build.
  • RESULTS: We aim for customer satisfaction and leaving our personal mark on your property.
  • GUIDANCE: When people ask us about starting a project, we’ll give them all the guidance and support they need.
  • CHALLENGE: When we come across a problem in our build, we look for solutions. We’re not problem creators.
  • LEGACY: Every build we complete is an On Time build – that means it has our seal of quality and craftsmanship.

Break some rules, its inspirational.


I was 9 years old and I remember clearly – it was a chilly morning and everyone was so excited that Prince Charles was coming to visit our little school in Leeds.

It was something my friends were so nervous about but I was quite calm. The teachers told us all to not ask any questions, be polite and courteous and allow the Prince to go about his visit.

When the Prince arrived, I rushed over to him and said “Why do you have big ears?” and he roared with laughter! I then asked him “How much money do you have?” and he smiled. He never gave me an answer, but to this day the experience has led me to be confident and never be shy to make a presence.

I believe in breaking the rules. The norm. When someone says to me “It’s not possible”, that’s what makes me tick. It makes me work hard and find a way, exceed my client’s expectations and work on this project as my life and soul. That’s something you won’t get from other builders – a personal passion for your build to make it spectacular.